Our family mediation service is a nationwide online family mediation service with Mediators who are highly experienced in divorce and family law. 

40 years of divorce and family law experience gives us an advantage to help people turn a disagreement into an agreement very quickly.    

Everyone’s situation is different. Over 40 years, we’ve met and helped a lot of families reach an agreement quickly without the cost of going to court.  These have been in matters such as divorce, matrimonial property disputes, matrimonial finances, pension disputes and children.

Whatever your circumstances, we know you need reassurance, understanding, and most importantly – support, to help you come to an agreement quickly. This is where we come in. We offer online family mediation wherever you live in the country. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a PC.

Caroline Mehdi


If you struggle to agree on issues arising from a separation, such as finances, property and child arrangements, mediation can be a very effective process. 

It involves you both working with a mediator to have an open and honest dialogue to understand the issues on both sides and work together to reach an agreement that can be converted into a legally binding document. 

Mediation is a more cost-effective and quicker process than the traditional solicitor-led negotiations and litigation/court-based applications. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and build a more positive relationship to help families move forward. 

Sessions last for about an hour. There are usually around four sessions but there may be more or less, depending on the complexity and number of issues requiring discussion.

At the end of your sessions the Mediator will provide you with a document clearly setting out the proposals you wish to proceed with. This document is to enable you to take legal advice if you wish before submitting to the court to ensure the agreement is legally binding.


It is a requirement that anyone who wants to make a court application in relation to the vast majority of private law family matters needs to attend a meeting with a suitably qualified family Mediator. This includes any applications relating to either finances or children’s issues. This meeting is called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and is conducted over the telephone or an online meeting for your convenience.

The MIAM fee is £125 per person. ( Please note we do not accept legal aid )

The MIAM is an opportunity for the Mediator to share important information with each party, including detail about the mediation process. At this meeting, you will be able to outline briefly what the issues are that need resolving. The Mediator will then assess whether the matter is suitable for Mediation.

If the Mediator assesses that the case is suitable for Mediation then the first joint Mediation appointment will usually be arranged as soon as possible after the MIAM.

If the case is assessed as not being suitable for Mediation the Mediator, if required, will arrange for completion of the necessary ‘FM1 form’ to record this and the parties will be recommended to consult with their Lawyers as to the alternative ways forward. This may well involve an application to the Court.


  • Most financial aspects associated with divorce. 
  • Contact arrangements for children and child maintenance disputes.
  • Disputes over properties and lump sums.
  • Pensions and business assets.
  • Inheritance and probate.
  • Grandparents seeing their grand children.
  • Divorce financial settlements and disclosures.
  • International Family mediation any where in the world.


MIAM Fees is £125 per person

We charge £125 per hour per person. A normal mediation session lasts for an hour. As part of our quality assurance, we are committed to keeping you informed on a timely basis, as to the likely costs of the mediation.

Should mediation be successful, any documents which require drafting (Memorandum of Understanding or Open Financial Statement) will attract a fee of £180 for both or £100 for a single document. 

Form A / C100 for court – £50 


Open Financial Statement OFS – £120 per person

Memorandum of understanding MOU – £120 per person

Parenting Plan – £100 per person

Summary plan where parential agreement reached – £50 per person 


7 days before appointment – full refund
48 hours before appointment – 50% refund
Less than 48 hours before appointment – no refund


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