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Fixed Fee International Divorce

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Our international capabilities

We are currently handling cases in the following countries for our international clients. We offer fixed fees, please call us for details.

USA and Canada
India and Pakistan
China and South East Asia
Middle East
South America

UK Based. International Reach

We have a network of enquiry agents and process servers across the world – which means we can find your partner and serve your divorce papers, no matter where the other party lives.

International document translators

Our professional translators can translate your divorce documents from any language to English for the UK courts.

Am I eligible to divorce under English law

In some divorce cases, where parties are living outside the UK, or are originally from other parts of the world, there are added complexities to a divorce case.
You will need an international divorce:

  • If you are originally from England but currently live in another part of the world and want to use the English courts to obtain a divorce.
  • If you have lived outside the UK for a number of years, have only recently returned and want to divorce here.
  • If you are from outside the UK, have made your home in England and choose to divorce here.
  • If your spouse lives outside the UK and there may be issues in tracing them or debate about where to get divorced..

There are other circumstances where an ‘International divorce’ applies. There are some complex legal issues to consider so it always best to take advice from an expert in international divorce issues.
The main questions to be answered are in relation to where you are ‘domiciled’ and where you are habitually resident. Domicile is a legal concept used to link an individual with a particular legal system. It takes into account where you were born as well as where you are living now and your intentions for the future.

Why divorce through the English Courts

Using the English legal system is often much quicker, cheaper and more effective than attempting to use the local jurisdiction and in many instances if you are a overseas resident you are prevented from issuing in the country in which they have moved to.


As it can be beneficial to use the English legal system to process your divorce you should always take advice on whether you are eligible to divorce under English law. If your circumstances are at all complicated, for example you married abroad, either party is not a UK citizen or, you live or are domiciled in different countries then there are complicated rules which apply some of those due to European legislation and so your circumstances may need to be explored in much more detail.
There are some limitations on what can be ordered through the English court system though. Any foreign owned property for instance is not under the jurisdiction of the English courts so for example the judge cannot make orders for instance in respect of overseas assets, unless the other party is in agreement. This means that the court cannot order that a house in France be transferred to one particular party but it can approve this by consent if it is agreed between you and your spouse. If an agreement cannot be reached between the two of you regarding the foreign assets then this would have to be dealt with by a lawyer in that country.


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Legal Consultants with over 40 years divorce and family law experience.

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