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Need answers?   Book a financial consultation

This is an excellent way of asking a divorce lawyer with 36 years of divorce law experience as many financial questions as you want within 30 minutes for only £75 in a no obligation way without having to commit yourself to anything. It could be about your home, overseas properties, pensions, family companies. From valuing assets to arriving at a financial settlement, we can help. Ideal if you want to remain in control and know your entitlement rights or intend on sorting out financial matters yourself with your ex partner.

Fixed fee consent orders from £250

We offer fixed fees for a mutually agreed financial settlement (Consent Order). Please call us for your low fixed fee Quote.

Assistance with your form E for a fixed fee

We offer a fixed fee for assisting you with your Form E and other documents required in this process. Please call us for your low fixed fee quote.

Involved in a court dispute over the finances?  we can help

It could be about your home, overseas properties, pensions, family companies, children. From valuing assets to arriving at a financial settlement, we can help.
Our hourly rate is from £150 per hour and if you have shopped around you will know just how competitive our fees are.
We are 50% cheaper than most others. You will quickly see we offer value for money.
If your divorce finances go to court, we work with some of the best barristers in family law at agreed prices. It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, we know someone within reach.
Each fee will be on a case by case basis depending on the issues, the complexities involved, volume of paper work and the length of the case.

What is a mutually agreed financial settlement

If you still have an amicable relationship with your partner it may be possible to agree a financial settlement. Having reached an agreement with regards to any property and finances we can draw up a consent order which details the agreement you have made. Both parties sign this agreement and then it is sent to the Court.
Once the Consent Order has been signed by the judge it forms a legally binding document and means that no further financial claims can be bought by either party. We can advise on the terms of the Consent Order for you for a fixed fee.

It is however very important to consider the following:

  • Is the proposed settlement fair
  • Does it take into account the needs of any children and who will be looking after the children
  • Does the settlement take into account all assets held by both parties, including property, pensions, shares, business interests, savings and investments
  • Have you, or should you, obtain proper valuations for significant assets before agreeing the division between you

Having come to a mutually agreed settlement it is important to have an agreement drawn up to reflect your decision. This is done in the form of a Consent Order which once approved and sealed by the Court is a legally binding document. If it is a clean break order, this means that no further financial claims can be made by either party.
Without a consent order dealing with financial claims, it would be possible for your spouse or ex-spouse to make a claim in the future. So, for example, if you won the lottery or received an inheritance your ex might be able to claim a share.

What if we can’t agree a financial settlement

Despite the best intentions of both parties, sometimes it is not possible to reach an amicable agreement over who gets what.
One option is for you and your spouse to see a mediator. A mediator is independent and impartial. They do not give advice but instead facilitate discussions between the parties.
If you are unable to come to an agreement with your husband/wife, either through negotiations or mediation, you will need a court hearing to help decide the issue. This will inevitably lead to a significant rise in how much the process will cost you both, so you should make every effort to agree a settlement before this stage. At Legal & Co we can advise you on your rights and what is reasonable. If you need to go to Court we can also help you prepare all the documentation for your case.


We are 50% cheaper than most others. You will quickly see we offer value for money.

We are more affordable if you need to resolve your finances and children matters.

Legal Consultants with over 40 years divorce and family law experience.

You don’t need to use your local solicitors as we have clients all over the country.

We offer fixed fees on most of our services.


Why use expensive Solicitors, just because their offices are closer?
We have clients all over the UK.
With us you will be getting the divorce law expertise you need at low prices – combined with close personal contact with your Legal Consultants.

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