A post-nuptial agreement has a similar affect to a pre-nuptial agreement but you can enter into it after you are married.

Many couples seek legal help before marriage to prepare a pre-nuptial agreement, others seek it after the wedding for another type of agreement, which has a similar purpose, but is known as a post-nuptial agreement. There are various reasons for choosing a post-nuptial agreement instead of agreeing to a pre-nuptial agreement in advance, and sometimes, couples engage in both types.

One reason for utilizing a post-nuptial agreement may be that circumstances change drastically shortly after the couple get married. For example a large business transaction is pending but won’t be completed until after the wedding , it may make more sense to opt for a post-nuptial agreement so that the transaction is included in any agreement.

As with prenuptial agreements, both parties must be upfront and honest about their financial position at the time the document is prepared and the agreement itself must be properly drafted. Assuming that to be the case, these agreements will be binding even if they reflect something different to what a Court may have ordered. We can provide the best possible legal advice to help you safeguard your wealth.

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