What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is where a husband and wife have both decided they want a divorce. When the divorce petition is issued by one of the spouses the other spouse has agreed not to defend it. Often times, when discussing a divorce, the married couple also take the time to discuss how to sort out their joint assets and any issues regarding their children including custody and financial matters (maintenance, property, capital savings etc). When a couple are able to agree matters without the intervention from the court, it makes the entire divorce process easier to process and it moves through the court system more quickly and makes issues surrounding the divorce more cost effective as a court hearing isn’t usually then necessary. It also means issues that aren’t having to be resolved by the court are dealt with faster and legal bills are lower.

You will be sent all of your forms to peruse and sign before the originals go to the court. In the likely event that the court finds all aspects of the divorce agreement fair and reasonable for both parties and any children involved, the divorce can then proceed hassle free. We will deal with the completion of your divorce for you quickly.

An advantage of an uncontested divorce is that as the divorce and other matters attached to it have already been agreed between you and your spouse, the cost will be a lot less and you and your spouse are more likely to stay on better terms than if it all has to be disputed in court. We do understand though that even with an uncontested divorce there can still be arguments and we will do our best to resolve them for you as amicably and as fast and quickly as possible.



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